Monkeying Around


The age of 13 is one of the most memorable for me. I was being bullied by my neighbours. My brother began his descent into drugs. Heavy Metal music filled my head with fear. I enjoyed alcohol. I lost my virginity. This was a year that fractured my soul and pushed me head first into the devilโ€™s breast. As a 46 year -old woman, I am now often asked why I donโ€™t… Read More

This part of my story is incredibly difficult to write. No one EVER expects to shout out proudly, โ€˜Hey, Iโ€™ve been admitted into a psychiatric hospitalโ€™. No one ever wants to feel like theyโ€™re crazy, weird, losing grip on reality and could be filmed for a scene in One Flew over The Cuckooโ€™s Nest. But it happened. It happens to MANY people. It even happens to those of us that think weโ€™re… Read More