Monkeying Around


‘RRRROOOOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRR’ The sound most little boys love to hear. The sound of Dinosaurs, the sound of a hungry, forty-foot-long T-rex coming towards you with its mouth wide open in anticipation of eating your shiny, little ass and using your spine as a toothpick as he swallows. ‘ARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ The sound of a thousand kids stepping over the top of each other with tears running out of their eyes and snot pouring out of… Read More

The day I left acting school, I was 21 and ready for a serious career in film and Television. To be fair, everyone who goes to acting school thinks they’re the next Anthony Hopkins or Meryl Streep. Looking back, I was probably much less talented than I thought I was. At the time, it didn’t stop me trying to get the best agent, go to as many castings, auditions and go-see’s as… Read More